John as Attorney General

On January 7, 2013, John Swallow became Utah’s 20th Attorney General. His service was cut short by false allegations fed in part from political opponents in high positions in government. In his brief 11 months as A.G., John led the reorganization of his office to add a general counsel and improved policies designed to protect the office from false accusations. He also envisioned and led the introduction of what would become known as the SafeUT App, a resource designed to protect students from harm at school. John’s focus was on protecting Utahns from crime and federal encroachment.

John as Being Falsely Accused

John was falsely accused. His service was cut short by several “political” investigations, commencing his first week in office, that can only be described as similar to what has transpired with President Trump. The investigations became so distracting to his office that John decided it would be best for the State and his family to step aside and clear his name as a private citizen, which he did in each instance. John was paid $1.5 million by the State of Utah to compensate him for his damages. Having cleared his name, John is prepared to return and finish his vision for the State of Utah, better prepared to protect Utahns from the abuse of their rights by the government.

Legal Experience

John Swallow earned his law degree from Brigham Young University where he distinguished himself as a member of the Brigham Young University Law Review.  At BYU, John was privileged to take Constitutional Law from Rex Lee, former BYU President, US Solicitor General and father to Senator Mike Lee.  Following law school, John began his career as a commercial litigator and later became a shareholder with the distinguished law firm Scalley & Reading, P.C.  As a successful attorney, John was appointed as a Judge Pro Tem for the Third District Court and served in leadership Chair of the Business Section of the Utah State Bar. After leaving the Attorney General’s Office, in 2014 John joined a local law firm and later started his own practice.  In 2020, John became a partner in a law firm called Vested Law, LLP where he practices today in litigation, government and corporate work.

John as Chief Deputy Attorney General

John served as Utah’s Chief Civil Deputy A.G. for three years, overseeing seven divisions and all litigation involving the State of Utah, including the fight against Obamacare that went all the way to the US Supreme Court, where John was privileged to participate with elected attorneys general from across the nation.  In addition to his role managing the legal issues of the State of Utah, John utilized his experience as a former partner in a Utah litigation firm and as a former lawmaker in the Utah House of Representatives to help preserve Utah values and to protect Utah rights.

John has led out to retain access to Utah lands, for our jobs, our recreation, and our schoolchildren.  As Chief Deputy, John created the Public Lands Litigation Section within the Attorney General’s Office, more than doubling the size of Utah’s Public Lands litigation resources.

Home and Community

John served many years as a little league baseball coach for South East Valley, and has served in his church and community throughout his life.  John Swallow fulfilled a lifelong dream of running a marathon and has been married for 34 years to Suzanne Seader.  He has four married children and eight grand children.