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Do you know someone who has been falsely accused, unfairly investigated, or maliciously charged by a prosecutor, who has blanket immunity, essentially providing a license to cheat to serve personal or political purposes ?

You’ll discover what we can all do about it in Just Justice for All !

Host John Swallow, is the former Utah Attorney General, the state’s highest-ranking prosecutor. Shockingly, John had the tables turned on him by a politically-motivated prosecutor who falsely accused him of something he did NOT do. Our corruptible system allowed the prosecutor to unfairly use his power, including SWAT team intimidation tactics, which threatened to lock up John for the rest of his life. John Swallow fought for his innocence and defended his honor to restore his reputation and good name. The truth came out and John Swallow won a complete acquittal and was vindicated with an awarded $1.5 million from the state of Utah. John is committed to fixing the broken prosecution system to restore true, Just Justice for All.


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Meet the Host – JOHN SWALLOW

On January 7, 2013, John Swallow became Utah’s 20th Attorney General. His service was cut short by false allegations fed in part from political opponents in high positions in government. In his brief 11 months as A.G., John led the reorganization of his office to add a general counsel and improved policies designed to protect the office from false accusations. He also envisioned and led the introduction of what would become known as the SafeUT App, a resource designed to protect students from harm at school. John’s focus was on protecting Utahns from crime and federal encroachment.
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